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Master’s degree

Admission of foreign citizens for the 5th year of the Igor Sikorsky KPI 

Details on the faculty website.

At the second level (Master’s course) students acquire relevant professional skills including laboratory practice. Applicants prepare and defend a master’s theses and acquire a master’s degree.

The Master’s course (professional program) is aimed at the engineering and production implementation of biotechnology and involves the design of production in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The master’s thesis contains an engineering project of production one of the biotechnological or pharmaceutical products.

The Master’s course (scientific program) is aimed at research work in the biotechnological direction and involves students conducting their own scientific research in the laboratories of departments or partner institutes. The master’s thesis contains the results of the student’s own scientific research under the guidance of the teacher and can be the basis for future scientific activity, including for further admission to PhD-program.